We just want to play music… loud… in a dark place

2011 to Today

Life does her thing and since around 2011, Wasteyouth is carried on solo by Vitor. The ambition stays the same. To be able to listen and assemble music he admires, in sessions, with proper sound.

He, however tries to push the things a bit further by trying to share the music he likes with more people.  That led to more interactivity online and to a scarce but striking dozen of live performances.

Wasteyouth began as a duo in 2006 and their only ambition was to listen and assemble the music they admired in sessions with almost no light and loud sound.

From that moment on, music detached from their ordinary lives and became a small cosmos of life in itself… leading to a ritual, where both listened to music all week long and met every weekend at a basement for all night sessions, mixing for themselves, some occasional guests and Mariana the dog.

From 2006 to 2011